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Hi, I’m Alexandr Savca ( qr/^chinarulez{1,3}$/ ). Programmer && FLOSS enthusiast && qr/KISS|NJ Style|Suckless/ software fan.

The main purpose of this page is to get in some place everything (most) I’m involved in (or participated).

EMAIL alexandr [dot] savca89 [at] gmail [dot] com
IRC chinarulezzz [at] freenode [dot] net
PGP download here

[ Projects ]


My contributions to Wireshark (network protocol analyzer).

$ git shortlog --author="Alexandr Savca" --author="chinarulezzz"

NOTE: Reversing and improving support for ORACLE protocol, little bugfixes


[NSE] New script oracle-vuln-tns-poison checks for the TNS Poison vulnerability in ORACLE database servers.

[NSE] Fix for oracle-tns-version which was sending an invalid TNS probe due to a string escaping mixup. GH#716


Tiny keylogger for Windows XP/Vista/7/8 with FTP upload.

It was written for educational purposes.


SMS sender (! flooder) for Moldcell and Orange, my national mobile operators. It breaks theirs captcha’s on the WEB portals, and send SMS (via TOR).

Also written for educational purposes :)

NOTE: AFAIK, at now Orange uses javascript scripts to generate user content. That breaks Orange sms sending. I have no time and desire to add support of the javascript engine.

[ Other Stuff ]


Some patches for these forks I found on the network, some wrote myself.


A little help to other projects